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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 1, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- no end in sight. 20 states will be suffering under a so-called heat dome today and millions will be doing it without electricity and imagine being stuck on a train in this heat for 36 hours. when will we get a break? our extreme weather team is all over the story. chimp attack horror. for the first time we're learning the extent of the injuries suffered by an american grad student. horribly mauled by a chimpanzee. and we're hearing from his worried friends, wondering, how did this happen? secret hideout. new details from inside the tomkat divorce. did katie holmes move into a new york city apartment behind tom cruise's back? how that may help her in the
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battle for the custody of their daughter suri. and box office booty. "magic mike" outstripping all of the competition for your dollar. women going to the movies in droves. is this the latest fad in female bonding? good morning, everybody. we'll have to get through this show quickly. paula has early-morning tickets to go see "magic mike." >> no, i don't know. don't put me under the bus just yet. >> it's a sensitive issue. first day of july. bianna is on vacation. we welcome back paula faris. who anchors our overnight program "world news now." good morning to you. >> what happened to june? i have nothing substantial to account for june. it's july 1st. >> you can hold ginger zee responsible. and we will. >> it's always ginger's fault.
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right? anything good or bad. new this morning, escaping the flames from the worst wildfires in colorado history. a race for survival. tens of thousands of people driven from their homes like nicole frye. >> i'm leaving my house. >> and it turns out hers was one of nearly 350 homes destroyed. we'll take you right to the fire line ahead. lot of folks there orchestrating tours to return to their homes today. >> tough stuff. on a much less serious note, we have some breaking news today. alec baldwin managed to get married without any trouble. there was one however, scuffle with a photographer outside of the ceremony. >> how would you like to be his wedding photographer? >> i think that would be a tough job. hazard pay for that. we'll start this morning with that ominous heat dome. take a look at this thing. it's roosting over 20 states right now. all of them under heat warnings or advisories today inspect the
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past week, there have been 1590 record highs. 1590. our extreme weather team. you know they're coming, because of that thunder sound effect. they're all over the story this morning. we're going to start with meteorologist ginger zee. ginger, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. yes, the heat. you want to know, when is there some relief in sight? take a little note of what this says, it says this week, all but four states yesterday made it into 90s and 100s. take a look. >> oh! oh, my god! >> reporter: right behind the killer storms, a dangerous dome of heat. just look at the record-breaking numbers. atlanta hit a new all-time record high of 106. memphis, 102. chattanooga, 107. raleigh and st. louis, 105. in the city nicknamed for the heat, leaders say it's too hot to do just about anythg.
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>> people could really be dying and not understand the impact that heat has on the body. >> reporter: an inferno embedded in an inferno. that's the added obstacle for these heroes. >> everything builds up inside the gear and it can wear you down. >> reporter: states of emergency, in maryland, ohio, west virginia, district of columbia and virginia. trees uprooted and power lost in dozens of state. in new jersey, two cousins were killed when a try fell on their tent at a state campground. in virginia, an amtrak from new york to chicago got stuck on the tracks for 24 hours. trees blocking it from behind and in front, sandwiching the 232 passengers for a very long time. state to state, town to town, the damage and the heat are taking a toll on millions of americans.
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and in indiana, lightning struck a home early sunday morning. gone in a flash. the fire then jumped neighbor to neighbor. one house after another. >> you just never know what mother nature holds for you when she lets loose of those lightning bolts. >> reporter: here are the numbers for today -- plenty of triple-digit numbers on the map. 104, nashville. atlanta, 104. 109 is going to make a record in cincinnati. that 1590 number, dan and paula, is going to exceed as we go into the next week. it will be incredible to watch these numbers. i'll be back with the nation's forecast in just a bit. now, to the other heat-related emergency, the millions of americans without power and without air conditioning. in the middle of this dangerous heat. one of the hardest-hit spots is in and around the nation's capital and abc's david kerley has the very latest from washington. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it's kind of humid out here already. for many of them, a couple more nights without electricity.
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the powerful storms that stretched across several states, left a graveyard of downed power lines. with no cooling on one of the hottest days of the year, they lined up for ice. along with dry ice, generators were gone within a couple of hours. everyone seemed to realize quickly, this is bad. virginia's governor called it the worst nonhurricane damage his state has ever seen. >> this is going to be a while to get power restored in virginia. and i can't emphasize that enough. >> reporter: look at the map. from illinois to ohio, nearly 3 million people had their power cut. those big transmission lines dropped, too. and the crews are stretched thin. all of those virginia power
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outages shut down the data centers for some popular websites. some 911 call centers weren't working either. >> the last 24 hours have been incredibly busy for us. >> reporter: while those without power tried to stay cool, one of the fire chiefs in maryland was trying to keep his crews rolling. they, too, lost power. >> some of our fire stations right now, actually several of them are on generator power because of the massive power outages that we had in the area. >> reporter: here in the d.c. area, this morning, still nearly a million people without power. that's an improvement, believe it or not and paula, i got to tell you, i was one of them without electricity. it came back on last night. i never liked electricity as much as i did last night. hearing the air conditioning kick back on. >> we are spoiled, aren't we, david? >> it's amazing. >> thanks for reporting. also a quick note, hottest washington nationals baseball game, their starter had to leave yesterday's game, 104 degrees, with dehydration.
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and now to another natural disaster, those devastating wildfires out west. we have dramatic new video of terrifying moments when one family fled those fires. abc's clayton sandell reports from the front line. >> there are fires everywhere! oh, my, god, i need to get going. >> reporter: it was a frantic escape all caught on tape. >> i'm leaving my house! >> reporter: recorded by nicole frye, one of some 32,000 people forced to flee their homes. in the colorado springs wildfire. nearly 350 homes destroyed. two people are dead. more than 10,000 here indiaclud the pharris, evacuated. today there will be allowed a short visit to their home. it's too dangerous. >> it's the not knowing what type of arrangements we should
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make. >> reporter: better weather is helping crews get better containment lines around this blaze. >> the weather definitely moderated for us. >> reporter: on an exclusive journey to the front lines, we hiked two miles to meet an elite firefighting team from read -- redding, california. they knock down hot spots before they flare up. using chainsaws to help steer flames away from the u.s. air force academy. to give you an idea of the temperatures that firefighters are dealing with, not just the air, but it's also the ground, all of this scorched earth, the temperature of this hot spot reads 231 degrees. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, colorado springs. >> thank you, clayton. time now for your voice, your vote. the political world is feeling the reverberations of the health
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care lot. george stephanopoulos will be taking a deep dive into the issue, so in your view, is this going to -- this is clearly a big issue right now, will it still be a big issue october/november when we're voting? >> i don't think so. you talk to both campaigns -- it is an important issue. clear distinction between both campaigns. neither one wants this to be the core of their campaign. people are concerned about the economy and that's really going to be putting their focus. >> obama knows it's unpopular and romney knows that he was involved in the early version in massachusetts. >> yes. >> so let me ask you about the latest poll numbers. in the gallup polling numbers, an uptick for president obama, is this significant. if so, what's driving it? >> the president had so much trouble in june. he drove right into a dead heat with romney. in the last ten days or so, you have seen some improvement in the president's position. one for the supreme court
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decision, that helps. number two, those ads that his allies have been running against mitt romney's record at bain capital, those are having an effect as well. the president is opening up a lead in those key battleground states. dan, this thing is going right down to the wire. >> a full employment act for political reporters. like george stephanopoulos and those bain ads they focus in the battleground states. >> absolutely, 8 to 12 states that are going to make the difference, both ads from the campaigns and their allies all focused on those key states. >> thank you, george. as i said, love the bright pink tie. we'll see you on "this week" in just a little bit. george has a big show this morning. he'll be speaking exclusively with vicki kennedy, also keith olbermann on the roundtable. that's coming up soon. but now let's check the rest of the morning's headlines. a lot of news overnight. and for that we go to as always this gentleman. >> and i like your tie. >> thank you. >> good morning to you first,
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paula. good morning, dan. george, good morning, everyone. millions of mexicans are going to the polls today to elect a new president. it has huge impact for the united states. and the how violent drug war right across our border is being fought. abc's cecilia vega joins us with the latest from mexico city. >> reporter: good morning, ron. protesters here are already bracing for the outcome of this vote. it's an election that could have sweeping ramifications on both sides of the boarders. as nearly 80 million mexicans head to the polls to choose a new president, they're doing it at a time where violence from this drug war is at an all-time high. more than 50,000 people killed so far in this war on drugs. of the three main contenders in this race, there is one clear front-runner, instead of focusing efforts on cartel bosses, he wants to concentrate on limiting the violence on the mexican streets.
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>> okay, thank you. and global powers including the u.s. are calling for political changes in syria in hopes of ending the bloodshed there. the agreement proposed a new unity government for syria comprised of members of the opposition and the current government, leading to free elections. it doesn't state that the president assad must step down for power. and new details about the cover-up of the sex abuse skanl dall at penn state. published reports reports that e-mails uncovered that the late coach, joe paterno, played a role to not tell lay enforcement agents about the assaults. two top officials of the schools including the university president were indicted for failing to report these suspected assaults. and the school bus monitor who was bullied by four seventh graders said that she's satisfied with their punishment.
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karen klein said that she's fine, her word, with her tormenters' one-year suspension from the school. she said that she wants to meet with the boys to ask them why they did it. and finally, a surreal ending to a story about a missing salvador dali drawing. a man walked in and walked out of a new york city art gallery with the drawing in a shopping bag. ten days later, the thief perhaps maild it back to gallery. even the tracking numbers. they got it back. >> a little bit of stealing regret. maybe? >> could happen. >> no, no. okay, so we need a forecast. ginger, you said how many records highs this past week? >> more than 1500. going through the week, not a
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whole lot of relief. let me put this in action and show you what we can expect. washington d.c., by tuesday, a cool 93. 97, atlanta. you look at st. louis, today 106. plenty of heat still out there. really, that high is going to leave the center of the nation very hot. severe weather possible. damaging winds. maybe, even a little bit of hail. from chicago, indianapolis, all included in that damaging wind zone. so, something to be looking out for. as far as fire weather goes, it's been a relatively good weekend. but things start to kick
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>> to cool it down, you need a good storm. that's what some folks in north carolina said. they sent me this picture. thank you. from boone. i want to move on. stella has a lei on, from chicago, she's pretending she's in hawaii. >> i know what i'm going to do today, i'm going to chill with stella. >> you're heading to chicago? >> yes, i am. as you head to see "magic mike," i'm going to chicago. >> i'm going to miss it. i'm going to ask you, dan
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and you ron to calm down. this story you're both excited to. next to a world record that every 7-year-old boy and 40-year-old guy to my left. is still fantasizing about breaking. you know those hot wheels double loop tracks that have been popular for decades. someone built a life-sized one, but can real cars and real drivers loop the loop? ron has the story. >> reporter: it was exciting to watch. raced on a real double track with a six-story loop made of 125 tons of plywood and held together by screws and prayers, as one person put it. hot wheels have been a hot toy for a long time. >> yes! >> reporter: but 40-plus years ago, that loop they raced through was mostly fantasy. i mean, you could never do that in real life, right? >> it's a hot wheels double dare snare. >> reporter: wrong. >> six stories high. it's going be the biggest double loop ever attempted.
8:18 am
>> reporter: mattel, the maker of hot wheels, produced this fake documentary for the hype. that was of course a joke. >> welcome, drivers. this is the double loop dare. >> reporter: not a joke, putting drivers through training. >> not easy, is it? >> we have to enter the loop at 52 miles an hour or so. the best way i would describe it is, like, it's like driving into a brick wall. >> reporter: ready or not, on saturday, finally the big moment at the x games in front of a massive crowd. >> i spent my entire life with hot wheels doing loops and now i get to do it for real. >> reporter: like a toy come to life, they did it. both cars making the loop over 50 miles an hour, with the green car landing first. >> it was absolutely the coolest thing that i have ever done.
8:19 am
>> that was pretty hard core. >> reporter: take another look as they roar through the loop. just like those old hot wheels toy cars. but this was the real deal. the whole thing only lasted a little less than 20 seconds. one of the drivers said that the gravitational forces was so strong in the loop that he almost felt his chin in his lap. >> you guys need to go there and do a story on it. >> i would love to do that. thank you, ron. >> and you can watch the x games today at 3:00 p.m. eastern on espn. our sister network. we want to issue a warning now on this next story, who might consider the objectification of men to be offensive. this is a big issue for ron claiborne. the new movie -- we're talking
8:20 am
about the new movie "magic mike," which stars channing tatum as a male stripper, it's become a huge hit among women. paula faris explain this to me. >> i'm completely offended. but this is our version of male bonding. leave us alone. women are in groups. organizing ladies night out around the red carpet. rachel smith is in the house. >> reporter: >> that's so right, paula. millions of women are making plans with their girlfriends this weekend, ditching their husbands and forgetting all of those errands and indulging in some good old-fashioned eye candy. these steamy strippers have girls swooning all over america. making "magic mike" this summer's sleeper hit. it has female fans all atwitter. posting their pictures and ticket stubbs online. in its first midnight showing
8:21 am
alone, it banked in over $2 million. before really shaking their moneymakers, pulling in a scorching $19.4 million on the opening day. >> probably around $41 million. >> reporter: it's hard not to see why with hollywood's hottest men nearly baring it all. >> women get to enjoy. ♪ it's raining men >> reporter: while it's raining men on screen, women are pouring into the box office en masse. >> you got groups of women going to see the movie and they have turned it into a group event. and that's really a great recipe for box office success. >> reporter: call it the "sex and the city" effect. when it hit the big screen, women grabbed their gaggle of girlfriends and headed to the theaters. >> we love "sex and the city."
8:22 am
>> reporter: carrie and company racked up over $700 million worldwide. so, now, movie night has turned into ladies night. how far could it go in pursuit of box office booty? it could go all the way. and ladies, rest assured these racy routines will continue, this time on the great white way, the film's oscar-winning director and channing tatum are expected ""magic mike" the musical." expected to take broadway in 2013. >> there is a plot, though, right? >> well, you go for the eye candy, not so much the plot. >> i go for the popcorn. coming up here on the broadcast -- we have new details on the grad student attacked by the chimp in south africa. and the latest wrinkle in
8:23 am
the custody fight between tom cruise and katie holmes. and alec baldwin on his best behavior saying "i do" to his bride and "i won't" to the paparazzi. we'll show you what happened coming up after this quick break. keep it here on "good morning america" on this sunday morning. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged.
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and that's tom cruise back in action on a movie set in iceland, spotted for the first time since his blockbuster divorce. stunned so many folks around the world. we're hearing this morning that estranged wife katie holmes may have a secret hideout here in new york city. and that could factor in their custody battle for 6-year-old suri. and good morning, america, on this sunday morning. i'm paula faris in for bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is sunday, the first day of july. also coming up -- alec baldwin getting hitched without a hitch. given his history of getting into trouble with the paparazzi and the flight attendants is
8:31 am
really saying something. coming up in fixation, little cat and bird. we're going to start with a news conference going on right now in south africa, abc news is there and we're learning new details about this young man, grad student, mauled by chimpanzees. his named is andrew oberle. he apparently made a fatal mistake in that preserve. we have been on this story from the jump and she's got new information on it. >> good morning. we're learning this morning, that andrew oberle was standing in an area called a no-go area. he didn't have clearance to be there. he stood on a rock near the fence. it was a rock that chimps consider their territory. while andrew oberle is struggling to survive in this south african hospital, his friends at home are struggling to understand how this happened. >> it's a shock. i mean, that's all it is. a shock. >> reporter: when abc news
8:32 am
arrived at the sanctuary, they were keeping visitors out. the park has been closed since the vicious attack. >> we're just asking for a bit of patience and respect. >> reporter: but oberle's friends said that his dedication to the animals that suddenly turned on him, won't give up. he was excited to spend the jane goodall sanctuary for champs. but on saturday that became a nightmare. he was rushed to the hospital after two chimps dragged him under an electric fence by his feet. he was mauled from his head to toe. and dragged a half-mile between paramedics and armed guards could get to him. >> when you realize how much danger there was and the extent of his injuries, the fact that he shouldn't be here, it's sunk in. >> reporter: when abc news
8:33 am
>> reporter: when abc news visited the sanctuary in 2009 the facility manager stressed the danger. >> there are so close to us but they also, they have their own language and their own behavior. we have to respect that as well. >> reporter: chimpanzees are known to attack humans in -- when kept in captivity. and many of these chimps were rescued from violent. >> he truly is a fighter and we know that, if anybody can do it, he can. >> reporter: oberle's friends are raising funds for his care. wondering, when will he be back to doing what he loves. >> this being the second, he's been dying to get back there and just what he loves to. >> the sanctuary's manager said that he was surprised that the chimps were able to reach oberle, they had to lay down the ground to reach him. he tried to fight back and keep from being pulled in.
8:34 am
oberle's parents are still on their way to south africa, trying to reach the hospital. there were five surgeons working on him when they took him to the hospital. the emergency responders said it's incredible that he survived. >> thank you. now for a look at the other top stories this morning. we turn to ron. good morning, everyone. millions of americans in the east could be sweating it out without air conditioning for several more days. work crews are stretched thin trying to restore power to 3 million people who lost it during friday's violent storms. and many of the 10,000 people forced from their homes from the colorado wildfire, may be able to temporarily return to their homes. and rodney king was remembered as a symbol of forgiveness at his funeral on saturday. the reverend sharpton said that he never showed bitterness for the l.a. cops who beat him.
8:35 am
and endurance swimmer, penny palfrey has ended her bid to become the first woman to swim unaided from cuba to the florida keys. but ended it about 3/4 way to florida. because of a strong current. finally alec baldwin tied the knot. the wedding didn't go off without incident. john muller has all of the details. >> reporter: just call him the marrying man. alec baldwin and hilaria thomas. they're husband and wife. tying the knot in a star-studded ceremony at old st. patrick's cathedral in downtown manhattan. the nuptials were surprisingly public given baldwin's frequent scuffles with the paparazzi. just this week, baldwin scuffled with a photographer and it was caught by cameras. on his wedding day, baldwin left security to his bodyguards.
8:36 am
in one instance, it ended with a photographer on the ground. but baldwin also showed his softer side taking time to interact and shake hands with fans. it was the big names who got to see the wedding from the good seats, woody allen, loren michaels and tina fey, just to name a few. of course baldwin and hilaria thomas were the stars of this show. when the wedding day was complete, he posted a picture of his ring, with a simple caption, just a date. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> and our congratulations to the newlyweds. time now for the weather and ginger zee. look at the numbers here. going through the national high temperatures. there's a whole lot of maroon on the map. 106 for st. louis. 90 back in omaha. look at old, a chilly 93 compared to a lot of folks here in the center of the nation.
8:37 am
but look, if you're looking for a relief, you're not going to find a whole lot. new england and even new york, can get out of it. the jet stream is going to break. i'll leave you a look with this. let's get a check a little closer to home. that's the big . let's get a check a little closer to home. >> this weather report >> this weather report has been brought to you by sensodyne pronamel. >> i'm taking the family to the yankees game bad idea? >> bring some personal fans and water. good thing it's only how many innings? >> nine. she's testing my sports knowledge. coming up on "good morning america" -- does katie holmes have a secret hideaway right here in new york? why that could be a strategic
8:38 am
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welcome back, everyone. now to the new, big hollywood divorce battle between tom cruise and katie holmes and the big question this sunday morning -- could she have a secret hideout here in new york city? abc's gloria riviera is in l.a. with the story. and good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, paula. well, one question people are asking is, where is katie holmes? in recent weeks she's been photographed in new york city, tom has been there, too, but according to tmz, the couple hasn't been sleeping under the same roof, with tom in a hotel and katie in her own apartment. in this helicopter, tom cruise in iceland saturday where he's shooting the movie "oblivion." in its upcoming issue us weekly magazine will report that source
8:43 am
that katie holmes has been unhappy in her marriage for more than a year. and secretly has been moving into a apartment. >> the apartment is three bedrooms. she's been spied going there quietly and slowly moving her things into the apartment with suri. katie is able to put this apartment in her name. >> reporter: she may be trying to accomplish residency in new york because divorce proceedings are private there. according to radar online, cruise will file for joint custody in california. >> he's not a person set up to win a custody case. married three times. jumping off oprah's couch doesn't indicate a stable guy. >> reporter: it's widely believed that a reported prenup could holmes at least $15 million, plus child support and properties. >> if he didn't have a prenup after the third marriage he ought to see a psychiatrist.
8:44 am
not a lawyer. >> reporter: what she really wants is freedom. >> tom and his team can be very controlling. and dealing with that for quite a few years, can really weigh on someone. she wanted suri to live a normal life, a normal childhood. >> katie may be filing for sole custody, but that doesn't mean that she wants tom out of their daughter's life necessarily. full custody allows for both parents to be involved. it would give katie key decisionmaking power on suri's education, religion and even when and where she goes on vacation. >>. >> floir ya, thank you. i'm sure she's getting advice from her dad and father who are both attorneys. coming up this sunday morning on "good morning america" -- what can you do with a ping-pong ball. some of us can't knock it over the net. but this kid can do some pretty
8:45 am
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much the end of the story. >> cute. >> very cute. okay, i'm a big fan of popcorn and baseball. voila, is our next story. okay, so this is the houston astros and the san diego padres game. the flyball flies over the net. and this kid has a big bucket of popcorn. you can't see it. but to, another look. he used the bucket of popcorn to catch the ball. i love it. look at how resourceful he is. yes. >> nice. nice. >> and he still ate the popcorn. of course, you can't waste it. okay, my video involves a ping-pong ball and chief justice john roberts relaxing, deciding health care case. that's not exactly chief justice roberts. >> thank you for the complication. . >> check this out. he's bouncing the ball off of all kinds of household items. his mother insists it's not photo shopped. she said it's the real deal.
8:51 am
pretty hard to believe. i want to live in a world where the news that ron delivers is actually true. >> this is not fake. this is real. i don't know if you any of you have tried line dancing. >> my girlfriends after we see "magic mike" are going to go line dancing. >> see you there. here she goes. chrissy, the horse. >> she's a line dancer. she has beautiful hair. there she goes. >> ginger, where did you find this? >> australia. >> actually ron found it combing the intraweb. >> good job on this, ron. >> all right, more line dancing after this quick break. keep it here. this quick break. keep it here. ♪
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thanks for watching, everybody. couple of quick programming notes. david muir will be back with "world news." and george stephanopoulos in a couple of hours with "this week." but before we leave, a warning, tough video to look at, this is chief justice john roberts. see you later, everybody. see you later, everybody.
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